Cut the umbilical cord

Each industrial environment scripts its own rules.

Walking the tightrope of success wearing safety gear of circumstances-no-longer-operative is nothing short of hazardous.

Managerial wisdom lies in ignoring the gravitational pull of the bygones.

Just as yesteryear’s fashion falls like nine pins at the alter of latest trends, mind sets acquired and nurtured in yesterday’s industry environment are slated, more often than not, to fall like the proverbial house of cards.

The bases and assumptions, the customer value-and-need-paradigms, the employee-boss equation, the manual-to-computerised-robotic shop-floors, the information-sorting systems, the carrot-or-stick-reward systems, and such like lore needs a fresh look with eyes, experience and observation of today.


Courtesy of Jacqui Rothwell

System and procedures, dogmas and mandates all have shorter shelf lives in the fast developing world scenario.

Didn’t Richard Branson, with brashness typical to him, invade the blue skies with the Virgin? And didn’t that bang hard the unconventional, and edge out Qantas?

Just as a little toddler of yesterday outgrows his baby needs making a parent plan for his future strides, so should a business.

To cut the story short, let the Alzheimer’s triumph over those brain nerves that store past habits and practices.

Excessive corporate thought-baggage must be cleared to make room for the new corporate-think.

It doesn’t mean the emotional ties and the resultant cheery balance sheet is thrown away in the dust bin, but it is to re-orient the meaning of a thriving concern by focussing on not only newer and ever changing market needs but also on the skill and expertise the competitor in one’s niche develops during the time one was busy making other plans.

It is time to cut the umbilical cords, be unconventional, think outside-the-box, and let your business grow.


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