Did I Say That?

Good communication presupposes connectivity with the hopes and aspirations, fears and apprehensions of people.

Organizations, large or small, subsist on good communication. Absence of communication or faulty communication can bring the activities to a stand still. And to flourish, communication needs to continue, for control is to be exercised and vital decisions need to be taken.

Isolation cannot replace interaction. And interaction implies a construct of somewhat sturdy chain of information flow.

Isn’t it the quality of interaction, the excellence of service, the relative ease on wallet and the craving to be respected that makes one patronize a restaurant, a club, a shopping arcade?

 Eric Fischer World travel and communications recorded on Twitter

Eric Fischer
World travel and communications recorded on Twitter

Information that is not only relevant, accurate and timely but at the same time CLEARLY communicated goes a whole weary mile to stop a situation from acting as a sure trigger for a conflict, a conflict that may tatter family-fabric, shatter an organization and utterly ruin a sturdy empire.

It is information flow – legibly communicated – that helps a company head grasp those essential that make his organization thrive.

Good communication entails controlling the work processes, motivating those engaged in various tasks, while miscommunication saps enthusiasm, arrests progress, and even aids a vibrant organisation down its shutters.

In all communication thus rests a basic human need: to love and be loved, to inform and be informed, to guide, control and perform. We all know how to communicate, formally or informally, but we often hesitate lest we are misunderstood. Unlike our canine friends or the little children.

Dogs go berserk as the master comes home; they jump, fawn, lick, wag their tails all the while making funny sounds to publicize their sheer joy.

Similarly a little child knows no boundaries between a friend or a friendly-foe, he just gives his most captivating smile as soon as he catches the friendly vibes.

Courtesy Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Harshness puts him off! Try telling a little toddler in the harshest tone :
‘You are a beautiful baby’

The toddler will take one look at your stern features, his little lips will tremble and whimpering and whining will follow. But tell him playfully, with a broad smile and a twinkle in your eye:
‘You are a naughty little monkey’

And be rewarded instantly with a broad grin, a toothless smile of sheer bliss as the child will crawl towards you, wanting to be picked up and fondled.

Today the world is beset like never before with anxieties and uncertainties, complexities and unprecedented pace of technological overhaul.

It has become necessary to weigh the wisdom inherent in an adage like the following:

“Nothing is ever so simple that it cannot be misunderstood.”


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