Job, where is thy sting!?

His Master's Review

I am just a fish, trapped with-in the confines of my water tank. At first, I used to feel sad, neglected and depressed that life ain’t fair. Why do I have to be stuck inside a small tank? But seeing my master searching for a job, has made me re-evaluate a couple of life’s principles and ideologies.

Look, we all know that finding a job ain’t easy. And what feels worse, is that even if you are qualified, like for instance I am to swim in a lake, it is not always easy going if the space you are fighting with-in is big and full of unfair occurrences. I guess I am happy to be part of a small tank, rather than trying to survive out there. Because boy, I gotta admit, seeing master struggle to find a job, I am content that he at-least finds time to feed me…

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