Making Money Online

Do you wish to be your own employer and earn heaps, be a Samaritan, help others get what they want and collar the profit?

Then say hello to Money-Making OnLine.

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

For this kind of marketing, when you sign you often get an affiliate link together with an ID exclusively individual.

And best news is all this is FREE unless you have ready cash to splurge and opt for PPC, Pay Per Click mode, though even in PPC it is a good idea to put a cap of limit.

License     Attribution Some rights reserved by Bohman Money makes the world go 'round.

Attribution Some rights reserved by Bohman
Money makes the world go ’round.

If you are game for free online money making, then pick a product or service you root for—a tangible one like luxury cars or intangible one like comfy service in a hotel—promote it and pipe in the commission as and when a visitor gets a link on your blog to another site and buys.

So hurry up and set up that good old blog or be creative by scripting a decent enough review, put up on YouTube a video and insert an Affiliate link to the product/service website.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it like a child’s play?

But it ain’t!

For in this small and beautiful global village that we live in today everything is research oriented.

It demands dedication, sincerity and an-going effort.

Interested to take the baby steps to climb up the ladder to that hidden treasure trove?

Walk then with me these steps:


Mentally draw a list of your interests, likes, passions for example.

Cars or Car races, Shopping, e-learning/e-books on topicS that fascinate you like travel, tourism, hotel stays.

Then write a blog on the chosen topic.

Additionally climb the Google bandwagon and scan the products/service/sites to sell.

Many websites tag a legend “Affiliate Program” incorporated.

Apply, join.

You may like to assess conversion rate of products.

 License     Attribution Some rights reserved by SEOPlanter  How to optimize your blog post

Attribution Some rights reserved by SEOPlanter
How to optimize your blog post

For instance if you wish to promote sale of vintage Mustang car and your link is seen by say 50 visitors and 2 or 3 out of them effect a purchase, then whoopey!

Your conversion rate is decent enough to get you a commission on the sale.

Look out for recurring commissions too.


At Google AdWords, check out for online marketing potential and cover the entire cosmos.

Break the vastness of the topic into small bits.

For example in interior decking opt for interior of a small kitchen / loft / herbal garden.

Search for appropriate product of choice, not letting go of the right keyword.

You may try long-tail variants like for example “interior designing a loft in small space”.


Your website is the life-body-soul – all combined; so relevant and regular content is a sure shot for success.

Not a touch-and-go one-night-stand.

And niche blog is really what matters.

There are always visitors intent on locating specific items and buying them.

Your niche blog will serve as a good lead.

Oops! don’t sleep over putting affiliate links from one blog to another and back!
Let this cycle have ease to enable navigation.

Easy navigation injects new life in traffic flow. Search engines too find it and index the content.

It is as important as getting external links from other websites to your blog.

Though never ever be negative in your comments/remarks on other bloggers content.

Although original writing of great quality has its own charm, no harm if you are not a creative writer. Just scan published articles Dictionary on line.

The articles with Private Label Rights can be paraphrased.

If you ask, visitors may leave their email addresses and these can ensure you a solid data base!

You may even generate reports from these articles and put links for visitors to click on.

At the bottom of report/review paste sexy models of product along with a clickable link that would travel all the way back to your-affiliate-link-to-the-seller/merchant.

Consider syndicating your blog to enable automatic awareness generation about your new posts.

A Golden Rule: neither be over pushing with your sale idea nor naively shy to sell. Walk the middle path. And win you will


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