Puppy power – Life is what you make of it

Do you love magnet-stickers on the refrigerator door, that have crisp and cool picturesque imagery?

How about a weepy face with a frown-let along side a legend: “Boo-hoo, Life Sucks”?

Conversely a Cheery Smile with the words: “Life is a multi-colour rainbow, soft and velvety, beautiful like a charming girl dancing merrily in the rain!”

The former contracts the tummy, the nerves get tensed and even the choicest royal feast at Buckingham palace leaves taste of saw dust in the mouth, what is more you may even end up with stomach ulcers.

And the latter? It relaxes and soothes, like a balmy seashore letting you digest what you eat.

That is why the Wise say: Ultimately life is what you make of it.

License     Attribution Some rights reserved by kevincole

Attribution Some rights reserved by kevincole

If you find the door of success closing on your face with a loud clang, rest assured behind the door is a sand dune, a mere empty promise.

On occasions while hurried tucking in a deliciously yummy bowl of fruit cream, you might have find a sour grape or a rotten nut in the bowl; just don’t put your joyful relish on hold, scoop that rotten little nut out and savour the rest.

Effort yours; Outcome as gifted by God.

When, how much, with what moderation – but definitely in your long-term interest, for obviously the goodness of what you find denied is not visible due to myopia.

All of us have to undertake journey from here to there, by various modes: foot, road, rail, air.
If you just stand at the kerb, road, platform or runway waiting endlessly for an angel of mercy to come and give you a nudge to move forward, there will be no journey, no travel.

Only stagnation.

And stagnant waters smell foul.

As Alan Rufus puts it, “Life is like a game of chess: to win you have to make a move”.

You are what the Architect nestling in your brain signals.

Since architects are ass’oles – at least I am one – cajole, coax or threaten it to give you just the correct signal.


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